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Trigger/violent content warning


In the realm of Skadia on the world of Kaldoa, lived a bitter witch named Magda and her husband David, who were both loyal to their monarch and deity, Vahlmir Ravenhead.


David was notorious for his crimes and none dared cross him for years, until a man decided to avenge his family's terrible fate. He cursed David, muddling his words, stealing his mind so that he could never harm another soul, he sent children in to reduce the house to rubble, and cursed Magda so that she could only walk with the aid of a cane.


The witch gathered her husband and what was left of their things, then wandered until settling on Earth during the time of the Great War, planning on returning once their deity was victorious.


Taking the surname Lewis, the couple bought a house not far from where the goddess lived and began to blend in with the mortals. Magda and David worked and filled the den and kitchen with warm furniture, knickknacks and pictures of happy kids, all enough to make the place seem warm and inviting. A large Christmas tree sat in one corner, enough to draw children in.




“She can wait with us until Mrs. Taylor returns.” offered a blonde woman, leaning on a cane “I just baked a batch of cookies that she can help me eat. You know her mother can't cook.”


A young brunette, with a set of twins beside her looked at the identical girls that resembled her, the little dark girl and then at her cell phone before making a decision. “Lynn? Stay here and I'll text your Mom to come pick you up. We really have to get going. Tell her the party ended early and we just didn't have time to call. Bye!”


With that the mother and twins rushed into a mini van and off to another engagement. Lynn was left standing beside the much loved neighbor.


“What kind of cookies did you make?” asked the little girl, dressed in sparkly pink shoes, jeans and a sweater with a large picture of her favorite pop-star covering the front.


“Chocolate chip, lets go inside and have a few before your Mom picks you up.”


Those were all the words that the little girl needed to run into the house, and straight to the kitchen. All of the children knew where that kitchen was, and where to find the cookies. The woman wasn't far behind her, having taken a second to securely lock the door.


“These cookies are good. I don't know how Mommy always ruins them but I'm going to learn one day.”


“That's nice dear. Have another cookie.” The girl obeyed, smiling when a tall and bearded man walked in. He mumbled words and crossed over to where his wife stood.


Lynn had another cookie, and another, when her body started to feel heavy. Everything felt heavy and slow and she wasn't sure what to do about it.


“Mrs. Lewis?” she asked, mumbling. It felt like someone was grabbing her but fighting seemed too hard. It didn't stop her from trying.


“We're going to kill you, Lynn.” The woman spoke cheerfully, and seemed to move. “David and I are going to hurt you until your Mommy comes back, and then we're killing you in front of her. We're going to torture her until you come back and then we're going to kill her in front of you. That's going to happen again and again until you get cut off from the nebula and die permanently.”


She didn't understand all of the words, but knew they wanted something bad. David, or Mr. Lewis pounced on her, pounding into her young flesh with his strong fists, harder and harder until she could feel the pain from blows and marks from the belt he apparently was wielding in a fist.


Mrs. Lewis chided her for crying out, and pushed her husband out of the way so she could take over the attack. The woman was more vicious than the man, using her heavy cane to beat as hard and as fast as she could, yelling things at Lynn about Kaldoa, her husband and the war.


“Help.” Lynn managed to whisper, right before her eyes and the Sun went dark.


The Beast was a legendary entity, something so old and evil that it was lost in history, just a memory of a time long, long ago. It resided in Lynn Taylor, hiding, because it couldn't stand Birthday Parties and cookies with the nice neighbors.


But now, it was released. The sky went dark and Mrs. Lewis burst into flame. Mr. Lewis was next, followed by the room, and the the rest of the house. The Beast linked the fire to the lives of the couple, and they would be burned and not allowed to die until the flames were no more.


The little girl was pushed far, far back into the hiding places most of us would consider unconsciousness, and a monster now stared at the burning couple with empty, soulless eyes. It's anger grew and more started to burn outside.


The cars outside, and the other houses on the block, then passing buses, all were engulfed in flames, the scene rapidly turning into a disaster. The Beast in the body of Lynn walked out to a curb and sat almost peacefully while the cars started to explode. The buses were next, and now flaming debris rained from the sky.


It sat, holding her body together so that the child wouldn't have to endure what was done to her. It began to heal her from the inside, repairing the damage from the drugs first.


A firefighter said something and she looked at him as if he spoke an unknown language.


“Want Mommy.” she managed to get out. The little girl was there too now, both of them in front, both of them needing each other. The Beast to keep her alive, and her to keep from destroying everything. It was angry about what happened to it's host but the little girl only wanted to return home.


“Lynn? Lynn!”


“Mommy!” she jumped up and away from the firemen and into the arms of her frantic and worried mother, and after a few words, the three of them were somewhere safe.

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