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When Lynn awoke that morning, she knew that she was alone.

Somehow, she knew when Janie was around, or she'd know what her Mother was thinking. It happened with other people too, but she didn't want anyone to know about it.

They'd blame The Beast, who seemed to be blamed for a lot. Lynn knew that some of it was him. Today Janie was gone, and the beast wasn't in her mind. It felt like she was the only person alive in the universe. Everything around her felt empty and hollow, and her mind echoed so much that it almost hurt.

Flames danced over her palm without her knowing, shrinking back only when she glanced at her hand.

Lynn knew that all of her relatives could do special things, everyone but Sara and her family. Lynn was afraid that she didn't have any powers without The Beast, but slowly, she realized that she did. It congratulated her then, told her that all it did was help her along. Lynn was really the evil one.

"Mom'll get mad if I burn down her house." she said, as the fire disappeared into a wisp of smoke. Time to make herself breakfast, if she could find the kitchen.

Ever since that terrible day where she argued with Janie, and the house was almost destroyed, and Miss Sara disappeared with the roof, the house had started moving around and changing. Miss Sara's family was nowhere to be seen anymore, and nothing stayed in the same place. Janie's room was only there when she was and sometimes the whole second floor would disappear.

Today, Lynn left her room and then it was gone. Even the kitchen was gone.

"I'm hungry!" she called, pleased when peered around the hall and the kitchen returned. It was full of pancakes.

So Lynn was in a good mood when she pulled out the teleport and tried to get to a relative. She wouldn't yet tell anyone that she was truly evil. Not yet.
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