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et adoraverunt draconem quia dedit potestatem bestiae et adoraverunt bestiam dicentes quis similis bestiae et quis poterit pugnare cum ea

et datum est ei os loquens magna et blasphemiae et data est illi potestas facere menses quadraginta duo
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dies enim iudicii erit finis temporis huius et initium futuri inmortalis temporis


Oct. 12th, 2016 11:58 pm
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Time for a new PB... Now, to find an actress that's 12 or 13 that I haven't already used.
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ex his enim sunt qui penetrant domos et captivas ducunt mulierculas oneratas peccatis quae ducuntur variis desideriis
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I wish they'd all die I want them to BURN.  
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To whom it may concern;

Look, I'm not dumb.  I know that the mythical holiday creatures don't really break into houses to leave presents and money.  I do know enough about how plots work to know that this letter thing has a chance of working.  Maybe someone will read it in a dead letter office or it will find the right person.

Chances are no one will read this and it'll just sit in a box of dead mail until it gets destroyed.

I want my Mom back.  That's it.  I don't want to set her up with anyone or win the lottery or any of that TV movie stuff.  Just bring her back, please.  She's important to a lot of people and they never seem focused on the right thing if she's not bossing them around.  If Mom comes back I won't try to kill whoever took her and I won't get kicked out of my next school.  I'll even be nice to a couple of the kids.  


I need my Mom.

E. Lynn Kaelen 
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 My Mom is off limits.  If you mess with her, you're messing with me and I'm not a nice girl.
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What's going to happen to me if you're not here mom?
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Mommy you can't stop it,  the walls are bleeding and it's coming.  Death and fire and it isn't me i promise.  I can do it I can, I can burn it all the earth the sky the sea until nothing, I can do it to protect you, I can kill her please let me let me destroy mom i have to destroy it's what I was made for,  I can see the buildings burning and watching it all fall and the destruction is beautiful I must be evil only evil kids think like this.  We're all going to die.
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 Lynn was a tough girl, but she still liked in when her Mother tucked her in at night.  She liked the smell of coconut and spices, and her warm hugs.  It was even more special because her Mom had been gone.  Dead and in a hospital bed for days and days.

But now she was getting tucked in, and everything was fine.  Almost everything.

"It's coming."  She warned Janie. "Mommy, you've got to help.  It's coming."

"What's coming, sweetie?"

"I'm sorry."

The little girl pretended to close her eyes, until her light was off and her Mother out of the room.
Then she stared at the ceiling and willed The Beast to keep her awake.  It almost worked, until three in the morning.  She woke up screaming.

Janie ran in and held her child until the tears stopped.  Neither of them got anymore sleep that night.



Aug. 23rd, 2015 09:27 pm
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This is basically a reboot.  The old Lynn does still exist, but only if there is existing CR that needs to be taken care of.  This is as of.. earlier this year.

Basically none of the back fics really apply.
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I'm supposed to protect my Mom.  When I was a kid and all alone evil took over.  A Beast lives inside of me and tells me a lot of things.

I'm sorry because I still want to be a hero.  Nobody understands me or they're scared.  I can see them die.  I want to burn it all down.

Sorry.  Thank you for trying to be nice.

You never know when it's all gonna be over forever.
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"It's time you learned to defend yourself Asmodeus."

The duck just looked at Lynn, not answering.

"You're not going to be a good guard if you don't.  Why are you looking at me like that?"  Lynn sighed, and sat down beside her pet.  "It's because I'm evil, isn't it?  I just want to help."

Lynn was sure the duck was judging her.  It had a beady glint to the eyes.

"We're friends, right?  Why can't you talk to me?  You never SAY anything.  Do you want me to read your mind?"  After another blank look from Asmodeus, Lynn offers over a handful of grain.  "I'm not going to turn you into  Peking Duck."

She looked down at her hand and realized she was losing control again.  How could she lose control while talking to her pet?

"I didn't hurt her!  Stop saying that!  I'm NOT.  I'm NOT!  NO. "  

The duck remains on his cushion, watching the little girl lose it, and once she falls asleep in a heap on the floor he will eat the spilled grain.
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When Lynn awoke that morning, she knew that she was alone.

Somehow, she knew when Janie was around, or she'd know what her Mother was thinking. It happened with other people too, but she didn't want anyone to know about it.

They'd blame The Beast, who seemed to be blamed for a lot. Lynn knew that some of it was him. Today Janie was gone, and the beast wasn't in her mind. It felt like she was the only person alive in the universe. Everything around her felt empty and hollow, and her mind echoed so much that it almost hurt.

Flames danced over her palm without her knowing, shrinking back only when she glanced at her hand.

Lynn knew that all of her relatives could do special things, everyone but Sara and her family. Lynn was afraid that she didn't have any powers without The Beast, but slowly, she realized that she did. It congratulated her then, told her that all it did was help her along. Lynn was really the evil one.

"Mom'll get mad if I burn down her house." she said, as the fire disappeared into a wisp of smoke. Time to make herself breakfast, if she could find the kitchen.

Ever since that terrible day where she argued with Janie, and the house was almost destroyed, and Miss Sara disappeared with the roof, the house had started moving around and changing. Miss Sara's family was nowhere to be seen anymore, and nothing stayed in the same place. Janie's room was only there when she was and sometimes the whole second floor would disappear.

Today, Lynn left her room and then it was gone. Even the kitchen was gone.

"I'm hungry!" she called, pleased when peered around the hall and the kitchen returned. It was full of pancakes.

So Lynn was in a good mood when she pulled out the teleport and tried to get to a relative. She wouldn't yet tell anyone that she was truly evil. Not yet.

Part 1 of 3

Apr. 3rd, 2012 07:34 am
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The house was in ruins, boxes overturned, walls smoldering, and the roof was gone.  Lynn looked up, at the sky, then back at the figure of her mother who hugged her legs to her chest in a corner surrounded by shattered glass.

"What did you do?"  she asked Janie  "Where's Sara?"

Janie's eyes were empty, the woman now only a shell.  Lynn forced herself to breathe, and start the clean up.

The twelve year old picked up the boxes and shoved things back inside of them, she swept the floors and cleaned soot from walls.  Windows were covered by cardboard held up with a bit of beginning magic.  But she couldn't fix the roof, or the woman in the corner.

Instead she dressed in her uniform and teleported to school.  She'd make sure Janie got out of the corner and ate something when she got home.
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On an ordinary weekend afternoon, an unexpected guest sat on Vito's couch, flipping channels on his television and looking pretty unhappy with the world.
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The woman, staring out into the distance, ignored the child in favor of her own dark thoughts.

Cut for a foul mouthed 12 year old )
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Trigger/violent content warning

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